So of course I made this blog yesterday in haste, and forgot a crucial thing.


The writing sample!

This bit is from a supernatural thriller of sorts That I’ve written, called “Always room in hell”:


   Gasping, he dove from the gloom into the welcoming patch of fake sun the streetlight offered, leaving streaks of crimson with his hand as he steadied himself against the grimy bricks. Knowing a stumble could and likely would be fatal, he nevertheless suffered two of them as his legs just did not seem up to the task of staying out of each others’ way.


   And yet, impossibly, crying, crawling, cursing…he managed to get his body into the light before the

inevitable utter collapse.


“Please god just let it leave me alone. Please let it be allergic.” Were the only coherent words he spoke

between gasps and curses, pressing his bloody hand back under his side under his armpit, as if to refuel

it with more of the blood oozing from his tattered shirt.


    A mewling yip interrupted his fevered pleas as a pair of golden eyes glowed materialized in the darkness, just out of the street lamps range. A thin gray tail sporting a wicked barb tipped in red,  dipped into the lamplight and sizzled like burgers on a grill, darkening visibly before it was jerked back with a hiss. The eyes floated well above a normal man’s eye level for a long moment before vanishing.


And that’s it, a short blurb. If you like it, be sure to check it out on Kindle!


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